The reason RED was chosen as its moniker for one of the truly Amazing Rock bands around has more to do with it’s meaning to them rather than just the name of a color.  “We chose it because it is a symbol ‘for the blood of Christ’ and what that represents: Passion, Pain, but ultimately, Redemption”, says lead singer Mike Barnes. And so it is with their music! The intense metamorphosis this band has gone through in their personal lives comes to life as they unveil their own struggles and the redemption they have experienced personally in songs like “Breathe Into Me”, “Already Over”, and their latest single “Death of Me”! This GRAMMY-nominated and Dove Award-winning group does not settle for the norm, but continues to break the mold with every album they make. RED not only makes great records, they are truly a RED storm live.  Visual Sound is proud to be a part of the sound and creative genius of RED!



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